Wear that Safey Gear!!!

Whether you are a professional or a DIYer, it is of paramount importance that you follow all safety practices including wearing proper safety gear!

Some practices and gear are of critical importance. And some are a really good idea.

Critically important:

Googles:  Need to be worn when performing any sawing, grinding, hammering, chiseling operations whether it be with a power tool or even by hand.  No exceptions!  You eyes are very soft and easily injured.

Welding Helmet:  For welding operations, this is a must.   UV rays being emitted by the arc are basically like looking at the sun.   your eyes will literally be fried.

Respirator:  should be worn when spraying petroleum based paints, finishes.  The fumes are harmful to your lungs and will decrease the amount of oxygen that reaches your lungs.

Saw Guard:  As one that does carpentry, we all know that carpenters often if not always have this guard removed, because there are some operations that we cannot perform with the guard in place.   So typically we don’t put it back.   For you folks that leave the guard off, be extra vigilant while working with the saw.  100% concentration is required.   No distractions from any  customers and or fellow workmen.

Measuring lasers and levelers:   Be very mindful where the beam lands. The beam can cause blindness or serious injury.

Don’t place fasteners of any kind in your mouth!  If you swallow that nail or screw it is going to be a nasty painful  exit if it even comes out.   Otherwise, you will be having an expensive visit to the emergency room.

Really a good idea:

Hearing Protection:   Most power tools are extremely loud.   Even hand tools such as hammering can be equally as loud though more sporadic.   All this loud noise particularly the sustained type can take a heavy toll on your hearing and lead to hearing loss.   To prevent this all you need to do is wear your hearing protection.   The higher the decibel rating reduction the better. 

Protective Gloves:  should be worn if using caustic chemicals like paint strippers.   Theses chemicals can burn and open skin can get infected. 

Dust Masks:  Sanding whether it’s wood or drywall and mixing powders like mortar or grout kick up profuse amounts of harmful dust.  Demoing kicks up tons of dust, debris including mold spores, hair and even  mouse dropping dust!  Do you really want to be breathing that in!   It’s a good idea to wear a dusk masks even doing something like crawling into a crawlspace or attic to inspect the area.    Don’t be macho and say I don’t need a mask.   That stuff doesn’t belong in your lungs.  Tip:  If you don’t like to wear the masks because you get too hot, get the masks with the exhale valve.  They are a bit more, but they will be dramatically cooler.

I swear by these!   With these there is no reason not to use them.

Wearing your safety gear is like having insurance.  Thing don’t have all the time, but if something does you want to be protected.

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