Another use for post it notes

Ever need to mark a spot on the wall with a pencil to hang a picture, mirror, whatever?

Then when you go to “erase” the mark, either it does not all come off or the paint is now worn away or shiny.   Let’s face it washable paint is not really great as they say it is.

Rather than mark the wall directly, put a postit note on the area and mark the postit note.   When you are done, just remove the post it note and the wall is clean. 

Now if you only have the strong adhesive kind of post it note, just touch the adhesive on your jeans and the small amount of lint will reduce the amount of stickiness of the post it note adhesive. 

Alternatively, if you use masking tape of some sort, make sure to flip one of the edges over onto it self so that you don’t have a difficult time to remove from the wall

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