For your peace of mind, here is our NJ license and insurance information:

NJ Home Improvement License# 13VH09385000

Click on link to see an image of our NJ license as it appears on the NJ Consumers Affairs office:

Great Precision Handyman NJ Home Improvement Contractor Verification Page Oct 2018

If you would like to verify yourself, here is the link to:

NJ License Verification Site

Please note for the search to work, you need to select Home Improvement Contractor for the profession and license type.  The below image is what the site looks like.

Image of NJ License Verification Page


General Liability Insurance
Insurer:  First Utica Insurance Company
Policy#   ART 5095568
Expires   Feb 6, 2019

Click on link to see an image of our insurance certificate:

Great Precision Handyman Utica First GL Policy ART-5095568-00 Exp 02-06-2019


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