About Us

I've had an affinity to mechanical things all my life.  Fixing things comes
naturally to me like cooking, dancing, speaking comes to you or whatever your talent 
may be.
I had an office job  running production and compliance matters for a small company

for 18 years.  But the company went bust just as it was turning 100 years old.   

I started this business in order to be able to make a living with a flexible schedule.
If I took another full time office job, I would not have a chance to also work on seeing 
my other endeavor, the Helios Edge Sun Visor get to market.   The Helios Edge Sun Visor  is a revolutionary new product to protect your eyes while driving towards the sun close to sunrise and sunset.
Come see the concept in action here.
Bottom line is I will do a great job for you because I back my words with a 60 day money back guarantee,  a 2yr warranty(some restrictions apply).   See what else I offer you here.
My commitment to you is to exceed your expectations in every way.
My biggest gripe with national, regional and local businesses are those that don't deliver on 
what they say.  Has anyone every let you down?  That won't happen with me. 
Warm Regards, 
Philos Kim