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Looking for someone handy to fix stuff, replace stuff, remodel, etc. We at Great Precision Handyman can do the stuff that is not your kind of thing quickly, efficiently and properly!  If picking up a circular saw is scary for you or you are saying “What is a circular saw?”  Well, we are just the ones that can help you.

You can count on Great Precision Handyman to expertly repair or replace your rusted or leaky plumbing, your dead electrical outlets/switches, light fixtures, carpentry, floors, tiling, drywall, general demo work as well as complete renovations.

Our staff is always friendly, prompt, skilled, and neat (we clean up after ourselves, just like our moms told us to) If you are not satisfied, you don’t pay. 

If you know what you need, find it in the categories below. If you are not exactly sure of what you need done, that’s OK too.   Just type what you think you need in your own words, right here in the box below. You can attach photos as well.  

Often times, we can give you a rough estimate based on your words, photos and video. It’s that simple and easy.


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Bathroom Remodeling

Have us remodel your bathroom for you!

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Bedroom Remodeling

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